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RZL Lubricant Oil Purifier Machine


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                                  RZL Lubricant Oil Purifier Machine

RZL series oil purifiers are suitable especially for purifying and restoring hydraulic oil, machine oil, coolant oil and various other lubrication oil This kind of oil purifier can purify contaminated lubrication in which much water, gas and many impurities exist. RZL series can rapidly remove water, gas, particular matters and impurities from lubrication oil and improve properties of lubricating oil so as to greatly extend lifetime of machinery which has lubrication system.


It is especially suitable for industries including petroleum, chemical, mine, metallurgy, power, traffic, mechanical manufacture and railway for the recovery and purification of various lubricating oil such as hydraulic oil, mechanical oil, cooling oil, refrigerating oil, gear oil, gasoline engine oil, diesel oil and heat treatment oil.



1) Perfect capacity of removing impurities. The special filters made by JunNeng are made of special materials which can effectively and rapidly eliminate various impurities, water and gas.

2) Automatic reverse flushing ability, which automatically cleans the mass impurities withheld by the purifier.

3) Advanced medium heating absorption and condensation system

4) Pressure protection, auto heating temperature control, device of auto separation of condensate water, easy to handle, safe and reliable.

5) Top quality purification material, large capacity of handling impurity, corrosion-proof, high temperature resistant, good mechanical strength, high precision of impurity removal and long lifetime.

6) Unique water/gas removal system, which adopts stereo-evaporation technology, multi-oil water separation technology, enabling fast removal of water, gas and impurity in oil.

7) Imported parts are used for all electric system, which ensures operation of the equipment with high performance

8) Lowly noisey oil pump is specially made