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ZLA Double Stage Vacuum Oil Purifier


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                     ZLA Double Stage Vacuum  Oil Purifier  

ZLA series double stage vacuum oil purifier is manufactured according to standards, which go beyond Chinese legal criterion, dealing with almost insulation oil of power equipment more rapidly and effectively with the supporting of high vacuum and speed absorption. Thus the strength of insulation oil is much increased and shorten the dealing time.


1) Manufactured as per standards which go beyond the legal criterion.A primary breakdown voltage can raise 35KV and reduces the oil damage causing by normal purifiers due to repeated heating.

2) Large absorption speed double vacuum meets the needs of vacuum zing of transformer on an installation or repair site, at the same time remove the water,gas,and also keep the completeness of transformer oil.It significantly shortens the oil treatment time.

3) The unique gas, water removal system adopting stereo-evaporation technology, which rapidly separates the water and gas in the oil and is free of maintenance.

4) A superior purification system with top quality filter core, which can accommodate large quantity of impurities and is progressively dandified step by step. It has been got a high precision and multi-stage filtration.

5) Advanced infrared liquid level control system with automatic control, allowing separated operation of manual operators from a machine.

6) Interlocked safety protection device. i.e,backflow of A oil outlet over pressure can be achieved via an overflow valve, B oil inlet will interlock with heating system which avoids any possible negative impacts caused by mal-operation

7) Precision oil pumps have low noise and environmental regulatory compliance will be well met .