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Has always been the company in "seeking public traffic life safe, comfortable, environmental protection and convenient" under the guidance of the mission, constantly meet the demand of users, service global transportation business in the process of development, was named "national car" reputation, become the global influence of passenger car manufacturers, at the same time of harvest achievement and honor, also shoulder the carry forward the national brand, achieve industrial powers, feedback mission and responsibility of the society.

Business philosophy - thought to change the world, services to create value

Ideas change the world. To grasp the working train of thought of change consciousness and the innovation of enterprise development, and within the enterprise to carry forward the fighting spirit of constantly striving, pioneering spirit of innovation, the unity of the spirit of learning and help each other in the spirit of solidarity, the spirit of enterprise as an inexhaustible power to continue as a going concern.

Services to create value

With excellent product quality and perfect service system to create value for customers, to achieve customer satisfaction, the second is to customer satisfaction to the outside world continue to trust and attention to enterprise, promote the competitiveness of the enterprise brand, create value for the enterprise.

Market idea - and found that customer demand, to create customer value, to provide quality services

To product quality, customer service and marketing together, starting from the needs and interests of customers, to customers by the standards of the criterion for testing enterprise products and services, in building the perfect product quality, perfect service system, in all areas of the business activities to achieve customer expectations, to achieve the interests of the enterprise and customer win-win.